ClickTime Personas Workshop

Company: ClickTime — a time-tracking, task management, and project management tool.

My role & responsibilities: Partnered with Lead Designer to interview stakeholders, created workshop assets, facilitated workshop, analyzed findings, produced final persona deliverables

Opportunity: Prior to the small design team of two, there was virtually no documentation or any research surrounding our existing users. The Lead Designer and I both saw this as a gap in our knowledge and felt that having meaningful insight into our users behaviors was essential in building a stronger product. Our efforts to incorporate user research sparked conversations within the company and the facilitation of the internal Personas Workshop with our stakeholders.

Stakeholders: CEO, Support Manager, Sr. Account Executive x 2, Sales Manager, Sr. Product Manager

Outcome: These personas were used within in the Product Team during the development of new features. They are referenced to specific user stories in the internal product management software and are kept as a reminder than our users are real people with real needs and goals.

Disclaimer: The content of the deliverables shown throughout were intentionally blocked out as they are internal resources.



Space usage The conference room was a sufficient location to hold the 7 participates. The large television screen was set up for my presentation and the walls were taped for the interactive workshop activities. 

Facilitation — I led the workshop and presentation while my design colleague helped facilitate the questions and recorded the workshop conversations.

Group feedback — Because the personas workshop to extract information about our users has never been conducted, the stakeholders revealed they enjoyed the experience in sharing their knowledge!


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