More than just a pretty interface.

Hello! My name is Julie Ho and I'm a UI & UX Designer with web development chops. If you're looking to work with a versatile and fun-loving designer, let's get in touch!

Featured Projects

ClickTime Style Guide

I championed visual consistency and UI modernization at ClickTime through the creation and development of their first internal style guide and UI components library.

UI, visual design, front-end dev, style guide

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Personas Workshop

I planned and conducted the internal workshop at ClickTime that resulted in the creation of high-level personas built around user needs, motivations, and pain points.

user research, workshop, presentation, personas

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Time Entry UI Refresh

I led the project for the user interface refresh project for ClickTime's highest trafficked webpages and as well as contributed to the front-end implementation.

UI/UX, enterprise web app, pair programming

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Augmented Reality Fitness Googles

Goggles concept that uses augmented reality techonology and a paired mobile app to improve a user's fitness gains. Virtual obstacles, HR monitor, music, and a dashboard for personal stats.

UI/UX, product design, augmented reality

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USPS Banking Simplified™

If USPS branched into a banking system, what would it look like, how would it work, and who would use it? This project explores my solutions for these questions.

UI/UX, interaction design, industrial design

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Bootlegger's Far Out IPA

The former IPA beer label was in need of major makeover. Being a beer enthusiast myself, I was excited when I was asked to create the new look of this groovy, hoppy beer!

graphic design, packaging, FMCG, beer!

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Hack Congress Website

This is a passion project of a friend who asked me to designed the website, logo, and the style guide. Hack Congress is currently under development.

UI/UX, visual design, branding, logo

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